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Corsi di pittura e disegno





Design and realize your personal creation!
After individual interviews, the instructor will lead each student to choose the most suitable subject for their painting from a photo.

Each student will have the opportunity to create a personal work with the help of the teacher who will guide the student step by step in real-time throughout the painting.

These private lessons online for both children and adults will be held in Eastern Daylight Time.

Silvia also teaches groups of all ages at the Blair Center for the Arts in Charleston SC.

Gerardo Q.

I’ve had the luck to learn with Silvia and she is very knowledgeable and an unbelievable artist

In addition to learning and working, you have fun :) wonderful people, perfect explanations and excellent preparation.

Jenny C.

I have known Silvia since 2006. We attended an airbrush class together. A wonderful person and a great artist. This year I decided to attend another airbrushing course with her. What better teacher? Her works are wonderful and learning techniques and tricks from a professional of this caliber is an honor! IShe puts her  heart in what she does, in addition to her  skills and professionalism!

Emanuela L.

I started the lessons with the intention of perfecting  my technique,  and

I've had more!

I met a precious and wonderful person.
Whenever I'm there learning, the  time seems to stand still.  After two hours  of lesson each of us finished his little masterpiece! How did it happen? Am I the artist? Well yes.


Milena C.



Via Colonnello de Cristoforis,8, Bari, BA 70126

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